Raise of Khromathyon Software….

Martes, noviembre 13th, 2012

So, i raise my fictional company (for now 🙂 ). the reason of this since i see many software companies since have 8 years with my Compaq with Windows 3.11 and Turbo Pascal.

I developing an native crossplatform installer since i see in the internet community the difficuties to find a good, full-featured installer that don’t depends of Java, Expensive, and closed-source. with Lazarus/Free-Pascal i decided to create an installation system, native and independent, but the most important, free and open-source.

is still in development and uncompilable for now, the repos (in Git) can see it in:


(Thanks to gitorious.org to host my repos…)

Maybe with effort this year can release an 0.5 Alpha Version



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